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3xOM Yoga is awareness, not only during the practice itself, but in everyday life. To practice Yoga is conscious living including your body, mind and soul.

To see Yoga as an inner path, not an outer fitness training, body, breath and mind are included. It is a chance to reconnect with your body and re-establish a possibly long-lost connection. This can lead to a new understanding of the needs and limits of your own body and a deep experience of stillness and harmony. Tensions, even in very deep layers of body and mind can be released, self-healing and experiences of wholeness are possible.

A 3xOM yogaclass has a clear structure and includes all levels of your being, body, mind, soul and the energy field.
The class starts with a meditation to turn the awareness inward and calm the mind, followed by dynamic and static asanas. I consider the balance of active and passive practices, tension and release, yin and yang aspects as very important.
Pranayama practices (controlled breathing) and a meditation or dependent on the duration of the class only a meditation complete the practice.

3xOM Yoga means to practice with self-awareness.


3xOM yoga means to practice with self-awareness and to be responsible for yourself. It is important that you know your own state of health and practice accordingly. If your flexibility is confined due to injuries, acute problems with your spine or discs or cardiovascular diseases, you should talk to your doctor first and better practice with a personal yoga teacher.

Yoga for pregnant women is possible and very recommended, but only if you do not have any health restrictions. You should talk to your doctor before you start to practice. Even if you are having a healthy pregnancy it is better to practice only prenatal yoga classes or find a qualified teacher.


Avoid heavy meals at least 3-4 hours before your practice.

The best time for yoga practices is early morning and evening- never practice in direct sunlight.

Consciously choose your yoga space. Create a nice and calm atmosphere. Remove anything that does not suit the practice. Simplicity and clarity are very important.

You need a yoga mat, a cushion or a folded blanket, a yoga block or a big book.

Avoid disturbing phone calls or the doorbell ringing.

Practice with awareness, within your own limits. The breath should flow naturally without pressure within the nostrils not the mouth throughout the whole class. Never force the breath (except during the pranayama practices). If you notice that you are holding the breath, this is a sign of tension. Try to let go of the tension or stop the practice until the breath normalizes again.

If you notice any symptoms like pain, dizziness or sickness, stop with the practice and lay down on your mat.


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Yoga For Stability & Focus - For All Levels
(35 min)

Yin Yoga- A Full Class For All Levels
(65 min)

Mindful Yoga For Your Neck And Shoulders - For Beginners
(20 min)

Guided Meditation Freedom from thoughts
(20 min)

Yoga for your back
(34 min)

Yogaclass - Balance And Grounding - For All Levels
(30 min)

Mindful Yoga - 50 min Hatha Yoga Flow - Yin and Yang Yoga
(50 min)

Guided Morning Meditation - Start your Day Calm and Positive!
(12 min)

Evening Yoga - Relaxation for Your Neck and Back
(26 min)

Guided Meditation Journey - Into Your True Nature
(22 min)

Guided Meditation - Inner Peace and Calm
(12 min)

About me

I decided not to write a text about myself, because Yoga is about you! Yoga allows you to reconnect to yourself.
With yoga and meditation you can see what is inside and explore yourself. So I think it is not important to learn things about me. Explore yourself! It is worth it.

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